Personalised… Sticky Note Machine


Specialised Adhesive Process

You can now produce

PERSONALIZED stiky notes in-house,
expanding your Print Portfolio…
putting you ahead of the pack.

The “SAP” machine can do the following:

  • Various sized sticky notes
  • Variable data
  • Bookmarks on medium thickness board
  • Up to 20 different images can be fitted onto one sheet
  • No make-readies… the very first sheet will be perfect.

“I PRINT, therefore I communicate…”
“I GIVE, therefore it is accepted..”

Give YOUR personalized sticky notes
to prospective clients … regularly


SAP (Specialised Adhesive Process) MKVII SRA3 suction sheetfed streamfeeding unit with slotnozzle glue applicator.

A smaller A4 or SR A4 machine, the ‘’SS SAP Mk II’’…. capable of handling from 9 to 12 images per one sheet of A4 paper. The SS SAP Mk II is an easy and simplistic machine to operate, using either standard pre packed A4 paper, or SR A4 paper.

All operational principles are based on the very successful SR A3 SAP F1 Mk VI machines.


Naturally YOU will be supplying the sticky notes to your clients.